Tax Free Shopping

You may potentially be entitled to a VAT refund (20%) on your shopping if you live outside of the EU and are returning home within three months of purchasing the item.


  • When you purchase goods in a store participating in one of the Tax Free scheme (Global Blue or Premier Tax), ask for a Tax Free VAT Form. Complete the form and get it signed by a store employee, attaching the original receipt to it.
  • It’s important to keep your receipts as you will need to present the goods, receipts and completed documentation to border officials upon leaving the EU.
  • Max. time from Form being issued to validation by Customs is 90 days.
  • The Form is valid 150 days from the date of Customs stamp.
  • No Refund Without Official EU Customs Stamp!
  • No Refund Without Original Fiscal Invoice!
  • You can either get paid immediately at a refund booth, for example at the airport, or send the approved form to the retailer or their refund company. The retailer will tell you how you’ll get paid.


*Most of our tenants do participate in Tax Free scheme but it is not compulsory.

To check the list of our tax free shops please use the store locator